The Benefits of Digital Advertising

  • Animated Adverts are attention grabbers which distinguish your brand from your competitors.
  • Large Companies to small corner shops can afford to advertise with us. You choose the length of the advert, times the advert should display and length of your campaign.
  • Adverts can be changed almost immediately on any of our screens unlike printed static billboards.
  • Digital Billboard Advertising has the highest return of investment over any other form of advertising.
  • Target clients at certain times of the day. Ideal for companies such as restaurants eg. Breakfast specials at 6:00am, Lunchtime specials at 12:00pm and Supper specials at 6:00pm.
  • Our Digital Billboards are strategically placed at the busiest intersections and near major Malls which means you can send out targeted ads to potential clients immediately.
  • Advert campaigns can be run in selected areas, perfect for smaller brick and mortar shops targeting clientelle in a certain area. Larger companies can run their advert campaigns on a national scale.