Top 4 Trends for Digital Outdoor Advertising

  • AUTHOR: saburation
  • September 25, 2018
Top 4 Trends for Digital Outdoor Advertising

Having evolved from traditional advertising mediums such as television, print or radio, digital outdoor advertising has outplayed its contenders as a forerunner, to deliver the most customized and targeted ad campaigns. With the technological outburst in this digital era, advertisers now have a variety of automation tools to broadcast, planand run advertisement campaigns directly to their target audiences.

With the likes of data analytics, machine learning, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, digital outdoor advertising has undergone disruptive technological surgery over the years. Gone are the days of a “one size fits all” approach, today’s digital outdoor advertising campaigns are more data-driven, targeted and customized for the smart consumer.
Let’s have a dekko at the top 4 trends for digital outdoor advertising in 2018
#1 High Quality Content/HD Display Advertising

While mobile phones offer ultra HD display and super AMOLED screens for an enhanced visual experience, our outdoor digital billboards and LEDs are not far behind. The most significant trend is all about the larger than life experience for the consumers through high definition and lively visual content. As LEDs continue to become more affordable, you are likely to see more HD display screens broadcasting multiple ads across the city.
#2 Gen-Next Advertising is all about Automation

Advertisers no longer rely on third-party media and broadcasting companies to run their ad campaigns. It is literally at their fingertips. Thanks to technology and several automation tools out there, an advertiser now has complete control of running ad campaigns from the comfort of his office/home.
A further take on automated outdoor advertising

Speaking of automation, out-of-home digital advertising will eventually become data-driven. Backed by data analytics and other technologies to measure and track audience engagement, digital outdoor advertising campaigns will become more customized and targeted towards specific demographics based on audience insights and metrics derived. Digital ad space sellers are offering advertisers a one-stop-shop solution, which automates the entire process of running campaigns with ease and unlocking insights that advertisers could not measure for OOH advertising campaigns.
#3 More focus on location-based advertising

Taking advantage of geo tagging strategies, outdoor digital media will experience transformation in the way content delivery is driven. On an average, around 76% of individuals search for something nearby on their smartphones every day. OOH strategies can help drive that behavior by broadcasting ads based on locations.

The information gathered by the digital display screens and cameras offers OOH companies a dominant tool for advertisers. With these insights, advertisers can study consumer patterns and behavior to create innovative and engaging ads specifically created for the audience of the targeted location.
#4 Leveraging mobile and digital marketing strategies to digital outdoor advertising

The age old method of measuring audience engagement and lead conversions for outdoor digital advertising was done through historic data from surveys and census. With media planning being data-driven, marketers are now realizing how the data collected from various sources can help in digital outdoor media planning. As digital marketing provides a broader scope of measurable metrics, media planners can integrate those insights to outdoor adverting campaigns.

As the year of 2018 unravels, advertising campaigns will involve multifold varieties of advertising avenues which will impact the entire advertising strategy of organizations. Digital Outdoor Advertising is expanding its horizons day by day and the year 2018 will prove to be a year full of digital outdoor advertising opportunities for organizations.


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